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Irrigation Repair Services
• Sprinkler head repair or replacement
• Repair Broken or cracked Pipes
• Repair or replacement of leaking or faulty zone control valves
• Programing control clock for schedules and watering times
• Relocation of sprinkler heads

Winterization Service
NO Back-Flow Blow Through!!!
An in-ground sprinkler system is a great thing to have but is not a cheap thing to fix. If not properly shut down at the end of a growing season, this can become a very costly expense that no one wants to deal with.
If this is your first time dealing with a sprinkler system, or you have never had to shut down a sprinkler system, GrassMasters is here to help. First just let us explain and make clear that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to winterizing your irrigation system. If not done properly then this service can damage some of your systems components and cause headache down the road.
System blow out is also another term used to winterize a sprinkler system. The reason this term is used is because air psi is used to remove the water from the system to prevent freezing and cracking to pipes and heads. The air psi will not damage the system if set at the right psi. If the company that is winterizing your system decides to use a higher air psi then damage could happen. Another way systems can be damaged is if the company runs the air psi through the back flow preventer. This the brass looking device that you see sticking out of the ground.

If you blow air psi through the back-flow year after year then damage can aquire to the internal seals and cause the back flow preventer to stop working properly. This device can cost you up to $500.00 Dollars!!!! How much money are you really saving by going with a company that charges less when they are slowly damaging your system???? If the company uses to much air psi in the system they can also blow apart your pipe joints in the ground and blow the heads off the sprinkler heads.

Why would you use too much air psi?
The reason a company may charge you less for a system blow out is because they are getting the service done faster by turning up the air psi and speeding up the blow out process. Also it is quicker to just blow air psi through the back flow preventer versus taking it apart and manually removing the water. Like we said earlier this can cause damage to this device over time and be extremely costly. Again “you get what you pay for.”

GrassMasters Winterization service Includes:

• Complete system blow out
• Use of proper air psi level
• No-Back-flow blow through
• Manually remove water from Back-flow preventer
• Will identify and mark any broken heads for repair

GrassMasters will blow out your sprinkler system without harm to any of its internals. We start our sprinkler system winterization service in late October through late November. We feel this to be the best time in East Tn. because this is around the end of the growing season for most fescue lawns, and even though the temperatures might drop below freezing it is only for a short period of time and the ground temp won't get below freezing this early in the fall. We will need to access the irrigation control box. Usually this is located in the garage in most homes.
Irrigation Rates
• Service call $55.00 • Irrigation system start-up $49.99 • Irrigation Winterization $89.99
• Sprinkler head replacement $15.00 per head + part • Labor Rate $55.00 per hr for repairs
• Start up & Winterization Service Package deal $119.98

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