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Knoxville Mulching and Lawn Maintenance
Grassmasters has invested in the latest technology to apply hardwood mulch to your home or property. We are now using a mulch blower machine that blows mulch in your flower or mulch beds. This machine allows us to apply mulch to your beds with out damage to your delicate flowers, shrubs, and plants. We have eliminated the use of wheel barrels. This means that we won't put ruts in your lawn due to running heavy loads of mulch back and fourth from our trucks to your beds.
Grassmasters doesn’t have to charge extra for sloped or difficult areas on your property. We have a hose that can reach up to 200 feet from our truck which can reach any area around your home or property.

Saves You MONEY!!!
By using this machine it allows us to apply mulch in half the time and this means that the labor is reduced. The bottom line is that we won't have to charge our customers as much to perform the same service as our competitors.

Benefits Of Mulch Blower Service

• Cuts labor time in half

• Customer Pays Less

• No Yard Ruts from heavy wheel barrels

• Smooth Finished Appearance

• No Extra charge for extremely sloped areas

• Won't harm flowers, plants, shrubs

The Mulch blower applys the mulch by shooting it through a tube and into your mulch beds. When the mulch job is completed you will notice how smooth it looks over conventional methods or mulching.
You can't get this look with a wheel barrel and a rake!!!

Mulch Choices
Dyed Black
Dyed Coco
Dyed Red
Hardwood Brown
Mulch / Pine Straw Prices

• Pine Straw ~ $8 Bail

All prices include Product, Labor, and Delivery

GrassMasters Mulch Blower Service
•Residential Homes
•Apartment Complexes
•Business Complexes
We also offer pine straw

Note: This mulching process can produce mulch dust. GrassMasters recommends that customers close all windows and doors prior to mulch installation to prevent any dust from entering your home. Thank You!

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