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Put That Rake and Trash
Can Away!!!!!!
If you are looking at this page its probably close
to Fall time and you're looking at getting
your leaves removed.
Well you're in the right spot.! Grassmasters has engineered and developed special equipment to quickly remove all of the leaves around your home or property. If you have ever had the chore of removing leaves you know how long and labor intensive it can become. To make things worse the leaves get even harder to move when the rain comes and saturates them.
It's a good thing you are thinking of having your leaves removed because the leaves that fall and sit on your lawn can severally damage and possibly kill your grass if not removed in time. Having a fall leaf removal service by GrassMasters is 10 times less expensive then having to redo or repair your damaged lawn.

Grassmasters leaf removal price guide
Note: Majority of jobs fall into the small and Average price
Small Leaf Job $75-140

Average Leaf Job $150-250

Large Leaf Job $274-400 & up

* This is simply an average that we have generated over the years, Call GrassMasters and get scheduled for a more accurate price quote.
Billing Method: Our billing method on leaf removal service is simple. GrassMasters runs the clock on each property and we charge an hourly rate. We do not charge customers for unproductive work. Our professional and efficient employees will show up to your home or property and immediately begin working at removing your leaves. Due to our investment and development in the best possible leaf removal equipment, we have Knoxville's most competitive leaf removal prices.
Curb-side Pick Up GrassMasters also offers a Curb-side leaf pick up service. For those who have the means and time to do it themselves but don’t have the means to dispose of them properly. You get them to the curb! We can come suck them up!!!
Minimum Leaf Pick-Up Charge $45 Average leaf pick up prices
range from $60-80

Have GrassMasters come to your home or property and "BLOW" you away with our incredible leaf removal ability. Not only do we have great prices but the quality of the job is outstanding!!!

We Recycle!
All of the leaves that we collect are taken to a natural resource recycling center. The leaves are then recycled and used to make hard wood mulch. This helps keep the landfills from filling up on organic materials that could have been used for better things.
Leaf Removal Services Video

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About Us.........Services.........Testimonials........Contact Us.......Home ...... Video